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The Sim Story Library

Sim Story Library
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Sims Stories, Comics and Machinima
The Sim Story Library
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The Library's most basic function is to serve as a central listing for stories, of all kinds and formats, written around The Sims gaming platforms.

Beyond that it is a tool. A tool for writers and readers to share, get and give feedback and connect. Writers finding readers, readers finding things to read.
All posts are screened. Please be patient as we take things out of queue. Thank you!

If however it has been several days and your post is not appearing, feel free to DIAL A MOD it is possible we missed it!


1. Be respectful of all who post here.

2. Flaming, trolling, etc will not be tolerated.

3. Please keep all discussion on topic.


You may post a recommendation to your own story/comic/machinima, etc or a story/comic/machinima/etc written by someone else.

Please be advised if you recommend a work by another and the creator requests the recommendation be removed a community maintainer will remove the recommendation.

You may place a banner or graphic for your work above the cut if it's under 600x600 pxs. Please keep all images suitable for a PG audience.

Please use the following format when making your post:
Subject: The subject of your post should be the same as the title of the work.
Title: Title of Work
Author: Author’s name
Status: WIP or complete
Rating: NC17, PG, etc
Genre: This is optional.
Format: Is the work a story, legacy, comic, machinima, etc
Warnings/Advisories: Anything that should be advised for.
Link: Link to the work.
Summary: Summary of the story.

*lj-cut goes here. If you do not know how to do a proper lj-cut, see the FAQ

Request/Review: If you are recommending another’s work feel free to leave a review. If it is your own this is where you would request reviews and state what level of constructive criticism you are comforable with. If you want critique, ask for it. If you'd prefer people just leave positive reviews in simstorylibrary that is fine, simply mention here that you just want reviews and recommendations, not critique.

*end of lj-cut

Please try to tag your posts appropriately.

If there is a tag you feel should be available and isn’t, feel free to message a community maintainer to have it created.

Reviewing: If you're leaving a review for a work, please be honest and constructive in what you say. This is not a place to bash or insult writers. This is a place for people to find and read reviews on said work.
All reviews must be signed. Simply log into an account to leave it. If you do not have a livejournal account or an open id, simply sign your name to your anonymous reply.
If you see a review you feel is a flame or unfair in anyway, let the mods know and we can review it and decide whether or not it should be removed.

WCIF Requests: You may post WCIF requests for Sim Stories, Comics, Machinima, etc. Please be as detailed as possible in order to help others help you and tag your request with the appropriate 'search' tag. All descriptions containing spoilers should be placed behind an LJ-cut.