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The Sim Story Library
Recent Additions 
Simstorylibrary is a community dedicated to cataloging and providing readers with a one stop shop to find great sim stories. We rely fully on recommendations and posts by readers and authors alike, so this community does not exist without member involvement. If you want to recommend a sims story/comic/etc or if you are a sims writer and want to let others know about your own work, check out our guidelines for posting and let your story or rec be known!

Another part of this community is the reviews and feedback. If you see a story you've read and wish to leave a review on it, to let other simmer's know what the story is about, that is what the comments are for. Check and see, in the post, what kind of reviews the author is accepting and then let everyone know what you thought of the piece of fiction. Check out the guidelines of reviewing first, however, as we have a few rules about how to write a great review for Simstorylibrary.

For more information and answers to other common questions see the FAQ.

Before you post please take a moment to read The Rules and Posting Guidelines. If you have any questions about the Library or how to post a submission DIAL A MOD is always open.

We look forward to reading your stories and recommendations.

17th-May-2012 06:54 pm - Shadows

Title: Shadows
Status: work in progress
Rating: so far it's PG-13, but as I write for adults, assume R
Genre: realistic fiction; mystery, romance
Format: Story
Warnings/Advisories: Warnings will be posted on individual chapters if necessary.

Link: Start here

Shadows is about stagnation and change.  Each of the characters is trying to move out of the darkness and into the light.
We open following Laura, who, we discover via flashbacks, is having an affair with the man she lost her virginity to, John.  John’s wife is in desperate need of psychiatric help, but is completely resistant to the idea.  Meanwhile, we meet Matt, who is dragged into  the police investigation of his ex-girlfriend, who has mysteriously gone missing.

Request: I welcome all reviews and constructive criticism.  I won't improve if you don't tell me what's wrong! 

3rd-May-2012 10:00 pm - In Verona

Title: In Verona

Author: winterinverona / Winter

Status: WIP

Rating: PG so far though the author has left NC17 as a future possibility.

Genre: Drama, Historical(esque)

Format: Mulit-part Story'

Warnings/Advisories: None so far, perhaps the makings of some angst.

Link: Visitors Guide to Verona

Summary: A re-envisioned Veronaville (and dropping of the "ville" portion of the name) combining the familiar pre-made characters with a few borrowed/original characters.

No formal author summary as yet, I would be happy to edit one in should the author provide one. See above link for the author's introduction.

My ReviewCollapse )
22nd-Feb-2012 03:50 pm - I'm looking for recs...
friends, willow, jasmine
Hi everyone! I'm wondering if anyone have any recommendations for:

1) fantasy stories (in particular urban fantasy, vampires, witches, werewolves, all that fun stuff!) I am always in the mood for this. :D

2) a romantic comedy that is not a soap opera serial. I've been in a mood for something light with fun characters. Any light romance will do. :)

Any version of the Sims will be great. Thank you in advance.
12th-Oct-2011 06:42 pm - Searching for a Pulse

Title: Searching for a Pulse
Author: Tie12p
Status: WIP
Rating: PG-13 ?
Genre: Drama
Format: Story with Chapters 
Warnings/Advisories: References to sex, eating disorders, alcohol abuse, mild language
Link: Chapter One: http://tie12p.wordpress.com/2011/06/04/searching-for-a-pulse/
Request/Review: Any comments or criticism is appreciated!
Summary: A dramatic series of several people that eventually interfere with each other's lives one way or another. Deals a lot with depression and the search to find oneself.
22nd-Sep-2011 07:28 pm - In the Valley of the Sun

Title: In the Valley of the Sun

Author: MedleyMisty, Stacy, that crazy girl

Status: Complete

Rating: PG, I think?

Genre: drama, suspense, horror, tragedy, heroine's journey, tortured attractive villain angst, etc.

Format:  story

Warnings/Advisories: DEATH!!!! And also fire. And perhaps a bit of people being alone.

Link: Story Index (on Wordpress)

Request/Review: I'm okay with reviews, but be nice.  Also - please do take into account that this is an older work and I've improved since.  And that the writing and pictures get better as you go on and I know the first few chapters aren't that great.  

Read more...Collapse )
4th-Sep-2011 06:09 pm - Colliding Stars
friends, willow, jasmine
Colliding Stars

Title: Colliding Stars
Author: collidingwithme orning_collided
Status: WIP
Rating: PG
Genre: fantasy
Format: serial story
Warnings/Advisories: (From the author) Coarse language and adult themes
Link: Chapters or Livejournal

Review: This is a beautifully done story where the author really puts a lot of care into what she does. From the gorgeous, meticulously detailed pictures, to the backgrounds of her characters and the history of the world she's created. It's a story set in a different world from ours where some people are aligned to stars giving them interesting abilities. It follows a young woman named Kismette as she begins to discover her own abilities as well as the world beyond a simpler life she was used to. Of course there's romance, and the author does a great job of building those romances, exploring the emotions and situations of the different characters involved. There really is no stark good and evil, and yes there are characters that are less sympathetic, but it still seems like the author puts a lot of care into the reasons why.

The writer is stolen from us occasionally by real life, so pacing right now is a bit off, but when the updates come, there's still heart in it and they are just as enjoyable as ever.Summary up ahead...Collapse )

31st-Aug-2011 10:39 pm - Alva
Title: Alva
Author: karinmedq
Status: discontinued
Rating: I'm not good at rating stuff but this is a story written by an adult for other adults
Genre: Drama... I think
Format:  Story
Warnings/Advisories: Sex, prostitution, rape, strong language and all kinds of bad stuff
Link: http://karinmedq.livejournal.com/670.html this is a link to chapter one.
Request: Anything goes, give me all you've got!
SummaryCollapse )
30th-Aug-2011 11:00 am - Malrennan's Fall

Title: Malrennan's Fall
Author: Esperesa aka Yuxi
Status: WIP
Rating: NC17 for gore and adult concepts
Genre: Mystery, Horror
Format: Mulit-part Story, Comic format
Warnings/Advisories: Some gore and horror
Link: Index
Request/Review: I'm not the author, I'm just a dedicated fan.

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29th-Aug-2011 01:02 pm - Simtopi
friends, willow, jasmine

Title: SimTopi
Author: Mela
Status: WIP
Rating: PG or "Teen"
Genre: (Urban) Fantasy
Format: Serial story
Warnings/Advisories: coarse language, violence, sexual situations, depictions of blood and other horror elements, (nothing gratuitous though)
Link: Link to Table of Contents
Review Request: I'm happy for all reviews/criticism on all aspects of the work. I'd like to improve but most of all, I'd like this to be entertaining to the reader so feedback is very important to me.

Summaries, author's notes after the cut...Collapse )
27th-Aug-2011 12:03 am - A Victorian Legacy
Sim Jane

Title: A Victorian Legacy 
Author: dicreasy
Status: WIP
Rating: PG 
Genre: Historical, possibly drama?
Format: Legacy story
Warnings/Advisories: Honestly, I can't think of much. Implied prostitution in one or two chapters, maybe?
Link: Index

Review/Summary: I love this legacy for a number of reasons. I have always been a sucker for history and historical fiction, and Dicreasy takes great care in keeping her story historically accurate, from the restrictions she has to her play style, to the custom content in her game. Another strong point is the character development - three or four slides in she has you either loving, hating, or love-hating on the new character she just introduced. None of them are simple, one-dimensional characters, either - everyone has more to them than meets the eye, and I especially love the layers and complexities she gave to the once-villainess Marielle. Her pictures are absolutely lovely - she has even gone to such lengths as to tweak her own lighting mod and create her own default skin blends specifically for her game.

The story started out as a simple, non-plot driven legacy on the exchange, but has since grown into a very complex yet readable story which follows the progression of the legacy family, so please don't let the first few chapters deter you - it's definitely worth it. Di now uses slideshare to host her chapters.

Definitely a must-read. :)
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