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21st-Jul-2014 08:53 am - Deceived
Title: Deceived
Author: steph01423
Status: Series WIP
Rating: R
Genre: Romance, Drama, Tragedy
Format: Series Story
Warnings/Advisories: May contain strong language, violence, murder, sexual content, teen Sims getting into adult trouble, etc.
Link: http://deceivedstory.wordpress.com/
Summary: Deceived is the first installment in the story of the VonZeigesars, a wealthy yet troubled family living in the Stirling City suburb of Maple Springs. It is part tragedy, part drama, and part romance, focusing on the members of this fictional family, their struggles in the face of unthinkable tragedy, the way that tragedy shapes their lives, and the people they come in contact with along the way.
3rd-Nov-2013 09:32 pm - Isolerad

Title: Isolerad
Author: isolerad
Status: WIP
Rating: R
Genre: Mystery/Drama
Format: Story
Warnings/Advisories: Profanity, violence, drug use, sexual content.
Link: http://isolerad.livejournal.com/
Summary: A mysterious disease has spread itself all over SimCity and nobody knows the cure for it. One by one, the sims are dying. At the same time, a very familiar girl is fighting depression as her parents are dying from previously mentioned sickness; two other characters get kicked out of boarding school for almost causing a huge explosion; some others are struggling with love problems, trying to build up a religion with bubble-blowing as a variant of praying, and not to mention the one digging up graves and kissing sims all over the neighborhood. Nobody is safe from the chaos.
4th-Oct-2013 11:44 pm - Faces of Justice & Seeking Justice

Title: Faces of Justice and Seeking Justice
Author: Bee0Cause
Status: Series WIP
Rating: Teen
Genre: Fantasy
Format: Story in a series
Warnings/Advisories: May contain language, violence, and (fake-looking) gore.
Link: http://bee0cause0stories.wordpress.com/
Summary: The series follows a group of magical people and the humans that get caught up in their drama. The main character is Justice Gold, a homosexual shapeshifter who struggles in both the past and the present with his identity and the alters roaming around in his head. This story will introduce a new world similar to our own but which is decidedly more exciting. Faces of Justice is the first story in the series and has been completed. Seeking Justice is the second and is just about to begin!
Request/Review: You are welcome to leave me comments on my blog! I take concrit, plot, and character suggestions always!

((Note: I've never used LJ before, so if I did anything wrong, don't hesitate to lemme know.))
Previously, the Sim Story Library only accepted one entry per story (or video or other sims related work).

We are now opening up submissions to include status updates as well. Update notices, hiatus notices, completion notices, anything you feel readers/potential readers need to be aware of.

We do ask that you keep these notices to one per month and that reviews still be left only on the original story submission.

Happy updating!
1st-Jan-2013 10:13 pm - BigTwin 2013

Title: BigTwin 2013
Author: bigtwin2012 (also known as hyden312215341)
Status: WIP
Rating: PG-13
Genre: Sci-Fi, Drama, Mystery
Format: Story where the reader can make some of the decisions.
Warning/Advisories: Swearing, alcohol use, violence, attempted murder, half-naked guys, sexual references.
Link: http://bigtwin2012.livejournal.com/4573.html
Summary: BigTwin 2013 is a story about a reality show where 15 teenagers between the ages 13-17 get locked up inside a big house where they will compete about 1,000,000 simoleons. The winner takes home the money, and becomes the next Boss in BigTwin 2014! Who will win? That's up to you!
6th-Oct-2012 10:38 pm - WITCH
pirate cat

Title: ​The Lyvenia Series: WITCH
Author: katdelval
Status: WIP
Rating: R
Genre: Fantasy
Format: Story, the first of a series
Warnings/Advisories: Sexual content, nudity, attempted rape, murder, some strong language, triggers
Link: http://lyveniastories-witch.blogspot.com
Request/Review: Please! I appreciate feedback and concrit. Just be kind :)

Summary: In the magical world of Lyvenia, the Witch Queen, Galaea, rules over the Sisterhood of Witches. They are a secluded society of powerful women who believe that men are evil and that love is a sin, and they are all Corynne has ever known. But when she meets Lothar, the prince of Lyvenia, Corynne cannot resist him. She believes that Lothar is her destiny and he assures her that their love is unconquerable. But there is more happening around her than Corynne is aware. She must face scheming witches, rogue princes, dark spells, and political turmoil to win her happiness. Corynne is determined to have her man, no matter how great the damage or what the cost.

14th-Jun-2012 01:11 pm - The Science of a Legacy

Title: The Science of a Legacy
Author: gintasticnecat
Status: WIP
Rating: PG
Genre: Drama, with instances of comedy and fantasy throughout the story, I think
Format: Legacy story
Warnings/Advisories: Sporadic cases of violence, murder, and child abuse
Link: Chapter Index
Review/SummaryCollapse )
26th-May-2012 03:14 pm - Bella Square - The Conspiracy

Bella Square
Author: prah2010&hyden312215341
Status: WIP!
Rating: PG-13, for now.
Genre: Mystery with a pinch of drama.
Format: Story.
Warnings/Advisories: Violence, sex, sexual references.
Link: Read it here!
Summary: When Bella Goth appears in Strangetown, everyone thinks the mystery is finally solved. But just as her family prepare to reunite with her after all those years, she disappears again. Allegra Gorey stumbles across the mystery by accident and her curiousness makes it impossible for her to drop it. But the disappearance turns out to be much more complicated than just an alien abduction gone wrong...
19th-May-2012 02:51 am - Vice Versa - A Sims 2 Sequel

Title : Vice Versa - A Sims 2 Sequel.
Author : Cris009.
Status : WIP.
Rating : PG-13.
Genre : Romance, Comedy, Mystery, Maxis-Match, possibly Drama ?
Format : Story.
Warnings/Advisories : Scenes of mild sexual behaviour, cursing or crude language in areas, violence.
Link : 
Start here
Request : I'm open to constructive criticism, just don't be too rough about it, little ol' me mightn't be able to take it :P.

Summary : This is a sequel following the events with (presumably) take place in TS2. It follows the lives of Angela and Lilith Pleasant now that they are living alone and free of their past (or as free as they can get) in Downtown Pleasantview. Angela is hard-working and trying to establish a name for herself, even if it means pursuing a career she despises and Lilith has recently pushed aside a life of partying in exchange for a much ... larger promise.
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